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Migratory Birds at Rhyll InletRhyll Inlet - View Migratory Birds

Situated on the North Eastern Point of Phillip Island Rhyll was originally named 'Flagstaff' by John David McHaffie who with his brother William leased the whole of Phillip Island as a stock run from 1842 to 1868.

The history of Rhyll goes back to 1798, when Bass discovered Western Port and anchored off Rhyll for 10 days whilst making repairs to his boat.

Settlement on the island took place from 1856, during this time a number of settlers took up land at Rhyll, these early pioneers contributed much to the development of the village.

In 1868 a 300ft jetty was constructed to transport the bounty of the main industries-fishing and chicory farming . It was a common sight to see crayfish boats anchored off Rhyll as crayfish were in abundance and in great demand in Melbourne-seems nothing has changed in that regard.

Nowadays the main industries are tourism and fishing with the town offering a variety of accommodation, including a motel, caravan park, B&B;'s, flats. Other services include a licensed general store/post office, takeaways, hire boats/storage opposite the boat ramp which is an all weather, all tides ramp allowing easy access to the rich fishing grounds. BBQ, toilets, picnic tables are available for the visitor.

Rhyll is also home to the many different species of sea and fresh water birds which frequent the island. An imtertidal walk along a boardwalk through mangroves at Conservation Hill Reserve is a great place to see the migratory birds that fly thousands of kilometres to feed there.


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