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Proprietor of Riviera Bait Jack Day in his shop which stocks all your fishing requirements
Riviera Bait Supplies stock all your fishing requirements


Did You Know?

Lakes Entrance is home to a large fishing fleet which is moored right on the doorsteps of town.

Where are the fish biting?

Jack Day is your man with over 40 years experience in local lake and ocean fishing, Jack and his son Ross and trusted helper Bruce, who by the way, get up before the sun 7 days a week ensuring they sell the freshest, live bait maximizing your chance to catch fish-there is no better bait than the natural food of the fish.

Estuary Fishing

Bream:  caught all year in the lakes and rivers. Bait used are sandworms, prawn, shrimp, shell, spider crab. A 6 to 10 pound line with a running sinker (weight depends on tidal movement) Hooks sizes 2, 3 or 4.
Flathead:  caught all year, mainly in the lakes and Lake Tyers. Best baits are live mullet, whitebait and prawn. A 10-12Ib line with a running sinker and a wire trace or long shank hook. Hook size 1/0, 1 or 2.
Luderick: fished December to June. These fish come in through the Entrance and work their way through the lakes system and up the rivers. A surface fish caught by trawling or spinning silver lures, or whitebait. Good catches in Lake Tyers.
Whiting: December to May. Bait used is sandworm, prawn and pippies. Hook sizes are 4, 6 or 8. Line 6 to 8 lbs. The main places for catching whiting are Brrier Landing and the back of Fraser Island. Land based try Kalimna or Cunningham Arm.
Garfish: December to April. Bait is sandworm, with a 6 to 8lb line and a float 18 inches from the hook. Hook sizes 8, 9, 10 or 12 long shank. Garfish are caught at the top of the North Arm and the open waters and bays of Lake Tyers.
Mullet: December to March. Bait used is sandworm, prawn, whitebait, blue bait cut into small pieces. Rig used is a running sinker, hook 2,3 or 4, 8 to 10 lb line.

Surf Fishing

Salmon, Salmon Trout, Tailor, Flathead, Golden Eye Mullet and Gummy Shark are the main fish caught from the surf in and around Lakes Entrance. Surf rigs are used with 1/0 to 4/0 hooks. 15 to 20lb line with the weight of the sinker determined by the side wash, star sinkers are the most popular. The best places to fish are Eastern Beach opposite the carpark, Bunga Beach, Lake Tyers surf beach, across the footbridge (near Myer Street) and both sides of the Entrance. The most popular baits are blue and white bait, squid and sandworm for the mullet. Lures used to spin at the Entrance when Tailer and Bay Trout are working their way through the Entrance.

Fishing Land Based

Call in and see Jack for the best spots saves wasting a lot of time and bait.

Deep Sea Fishing

Tuna: December to March. Caught by trawling lures or live bait behind boats. Hooks 3/0 to 10/0, line 12 to 30lbs with several meters of wire trace or heavy fishing line as a leader. Tuna are caught from one mile out but mainly on reefs.
Sharks: All types of sharks are caught in Bass Strait. They are caught by berleying a trail then fishing with live bait in the trail. Long wire trace is needed and long shank hooks sizes 10/0 and upwards. Line 20 to 80  ibs.
Schnapper: December to April. Caught on the reefs. The main reef is approx 5 metres due south of the Entrance. Bait used is squid, octopus, white and blue bait and fresh fillets of fish. Deep sea rig, sinker size 4 to 8 oz (weight of sinker depends on current). Hooks 4/0 to 6/0.
Flathead: caught in shallow water , main area is west of the Entrance, 1.6 km along and 1.6km offshore. Other fish caught on the same rig are Whiting, Gurnard, Salmon, Leather Jacket and Gummy Shark.

Riviera Bait Supplies
Open 7 days a week at 243 Esplanade Lakes Entrance Vic 3909 Phone: 03 5155 2263
Live Bait including sand worms and shrimp, pilchards, white and blue bait.


Riviera Bait Supplies on the Esplanade
Good Catches Near Boat Ramp
Riviera Bait Supplies on the Esplanade Good Catches Near Boat Ramp
Fishing the North Arm at Lakes Entrance
Deep Sea Tuna Fishing
Fishing the North Arm at Lakes Entrance Deep Sea Tuna Fishing


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