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Gibson's Steps

Gibson's Steps

Gibson’s Steps are located just before the 12 Apostles.

Named after Hugh Gibson, a pioneer who established nearby Glenample Homestead in 1869. The homestead was where Tom Pearce and Eva Carmichael the only 2 survivors of the ill fated Loch Ard recuperated in 1878.

Gibson gave his name to the spectacular beach after he fashioned steps into the enormous cliff to access favourite fishing spots. Today this is one of the few places along the Port Campbell National Park you can actually get down to the beach.

Once on the beach you begin to realize the enormity of this magnificent coastline. In the near distance is a huge rock stack which will surprise you with its sheer size and remember these stacks were moulded from the cliff face over the centuries.

Gibsons Steps Beach
Well worth the effort to explore Gibsons Steps Beach

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