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Travel Times and Distances for Coastal Victoria

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Please Note:
Travel times are estimates only. The scenic and winding nature of many roads affects driving times as does road and weather conditions.

Click here for Great Ocean Road travel times.

Melbourne to:
  Sorrento 1 hour 30 minutes 87kms
  Cowes, Phillip Island 2 hours 144kms
  Sorrento to Phillip Island 2 hours 153kms

Phillip Island to:
  Wonthaggi 45 minutes 42kms
  Inverloch 55 minutes 56kms
  Fish Creek 1 hour 30 minutes 95kms
  Fish Creek to Tidal River 1 hour 60kms
  Foster 1 hour 45 minutes 108kms
  Foster to Tidal River 1 hour 60kms
  Wilsons Promontory 2 hours 30 minutes 170 kms
There is only one way in and out of Wilsons Promontory, from the Entrance to the park it is approximately 30kms to Tidal River.
From Phillip Island travel via Fish Creek to the Prom.
From Lakes Entrance travel via Foster to the Prom.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse

Wilsons Promontory to:
  Foster 1 hour 60kms
  Welshpool 1 hour 20 minutes 82kms
  Yarram 2 hours 112kms

Yarram to:
  Port Albert 15 minutes 14kms
  Yarram to Tarra Bulga N.P. 20 minutes 20kms
  Sale 1 hour 10 minutes 72kms

Sale to:
  Stratford 15 minutes 17kms
  Bairnsdale 1 hour 10 minutes 70kms
  Lakes Entrance 2 hours + 98kms

Lakes Entrance to:
  Nowa Nowa 20 minutes 22kms
  Orbost 1 hour 60kms
  Cann River 2 hours + 135kms

Cann River to:
  Canberra via Monaro Highway 293kms
  Sydney Via A1 599kms
  Tamboon Inlet 27kms
  Point Hicks Lighthouse 1 hour 45kms
  Genoa 45 minutes 47kms
  Genoa to Gipsy Point 15 minutes 13kms
  Genoa to Mallacoota 30 minutes 24kms

Genoa to:
  Victoria NSW Border 10 minutes 12kms

Victoria NSW Border to:
  Eden NSW 45 minutes 48kms
  Pambula NSW 1 hour 67kms
  Merimbula NSW 1 hour 15 minutes 73kms
  Bega NSW 101kms
  Sydney NSW 528kms

Magnificent Lakes Entrance Merimbula's Sapphire Waters

Merimbula to:
  Bega 32kms
  Tathra via Tura Beach 23kms
  Cobargo 77kms
  Bermagui 90kms
  Narooma 114kms
  Batemans Bay 183kms
  Ulladulla 235kms
  Nowra 303kms
  Wollongong 382kms
  Sydney 460kms


Travel Times and Distances for Great Ocean Road, Victoria


Remember Great Ocean Road Speed Limits - Open Road 80kms/hour. Drive on Left Side Of Road.

Travelling the Great Ocean Road:
  Melbourne to Geelong 1 hour 75kms
  Geelong to Queenscliff 20 minutes 30kms
  Ferry Queenscliff to Sorrento approx 40 minutes
  Sorrento to Phillip Island allow 2 hours 153kms
  Geelong to Torquay 20 minutes 22km
  From Ferry to 12 Apostles via Great Ocean Road allow 4 hours 225kms
  Queenscliff to Barwon Heads 25 minutes 23kms
  Barwon Heads to Torquay 1 hour 26kms
  Torquay to Anglesea 35 minutes 18kms
  Anglesea to Aireys Inlet 12 minutes 11kms
  Aireys Inlet to Lorne 20 minutes 17kms
  Lorne to Apollo Bay 1 hour 45kms
  Apollo Bay to Lightstation turnoff 15 minutes - another 15 to lightstation 20kms
  Apollo Bay to Lavers Hill 1 hour 48kms
  Apollo Bay to Waterfalls via Lavers Hill 1.5 hours +  
  Apollo Bay to Otway Fly 1 hour 15 minutes 70kms
  Port Campbell to Warrnambool 1 hour 20 minutes 66kms
  Port Fairy to Portland 1 hour 10 minutes 70kms
  Portland to Mt Gambier 168kms
  Mt Gambier to Adelaide 554kms

Melbourne to:
  Geelong 1 hour 75kms
  12 Apostles via Geelong, Torquay & G.O.R. 5 hours 30 minutes 275kms
  12 Apostles A1 via Colac and Port Campbell 3 hours 30 minutes 230kms
  Warrnambool via A1 3 hours 265kms
  Port Fairy via A1 3.5 hours 295kms
  Warrnambool via Great Ocean Road 6 hours 20 minutes 353kms
  Train Melbourne to Warrnambool 3 Times Daily contact V-Line 136 196

Geelong to:
  Queenscliff via (B110) 38 minutes 32kms
  Ocean Grove via (B110) 30 minutes 24kms
  Torquay via ( B100) 25 minutes 22kms
  Anglesea 45 minutes 37kms
  Aireys Inlet 55 minutes 48kms
  Lorne 1 hour 15 minutes 67kms

Queenscliff to:
  Barwon Heads 20 minutes 23kms
  Torquay 55 minutes 48kms
  Lorne 1 hour 50 minutes 84kms


Lorne to:
  Wye River 15 minutes 15kms
  Apollo Bay 1 hour 45kms
  Lavers Hill 2 hours 92kms
  12 Apostles 2 hours 20 minutes 132kms
  Port Campbell 2 hours 40 minutes 145kms
  Peterborough 2 hours 50 minutes 157kms
  Bay of Islands 2 hours 55 minutes 158kms
  Warrnambool 3 hours 50 minutes 222kms

Lorne Inland via C151 to:
  Deans Marsh 25 minutes 23kms
  Winchelsea 40 minutes 45kms
  Geelong 1 hour 15 minutes 81kms

Warrnambool to:
  Port Fairy 30 minutes 30kms
  Portland 1 hour 30 minutes 100kms
  Nelson 2 hours 30 minutes 167kms
  Mt Gambier 3 hours 205kms
  Adelaide 8 hours 655kms
  Train Melbourne to Warrnambool 3 Times Daily contact V-Line 136 196

Travel times are a guide only and may vary due to the scenic and winding nature of roads and different weather conditions. Expect travel times to be longer during main holiday periods.

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