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Travel Times and Distances for The Great Ocean Road

Remember Great Ocean Road Speed Limits - Open Road 80kms/hour. Drive on Left Side Of Road.
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Travelling the Great Ocean Road:
  Melbourne to Geelong 1 hour 75kms
  Geelong to Queenscliff 20 minutes 30kms
  Ferry Queenscliff to Sorrento approx 40 minutes
  Sorrento to Phillip Island allow 2 hours 153kms
  Geelong to Torquay 20 minutes 22km
  From Ferry to 12 Apostles via Great Ocean Road allow 4 hours 225kms
  Queenscliff to Barwon Heads 25 minutes 23kms
  Barwon Heads to Torquay 1 hour 26kms
  Torquay to Anglesea 35 minutes 18kms
  Anglesea to Aireys Inlet 12 minutes 11kms
  Aireys Inlet to Lorne 20 minutes 17kms
  Lorne to Apollo Bay 1 hour 45kms
  Apollo Bay to Lightstation turnoff 15 minutes - another 15 to lightstation 20kms
  Apollo Bay to Lavers Hill 1 hour 48kms
  Apollo Bay to Waterfalls via Lavers Hill 1.5 hours +  
  Apollo Bay to Otway Fly 1 hour 15 minutes 70kms
  Port Campbell to Warrnambool 1 hour 20 minutes 66kms
  Port Fairy to Portland 1 hour 10 minutes 70kms
  Portland to Mt Gambier 168kms
  Mt Gambier to Adelaide 554kms

Melbourne to:
  Geelong 1 hour 75kms
  12 Apostles via Geelong, Torquay & G.O.R. 5 hours 30 minutes 275kms
  12 Apostles A1 via Colac and Port Campbell 3 hours 30 minutes 230kms
  Warrnambool via A1 3 hours 265kms
  Port Fairy via A1 3.5 hours 295kms
  Warrnambool via Great Ocean Road 6 hours 20 minutes 353kms
  Train Melbourne to Warrnambool 3 Times Daily contact V-Line 136 196

Geelong to:
  Queenscliff via (B110) 38 minutes 32kms
  Ocean Grove via (B110) 30 minutes 24kms
  Torquay via ( B100) 25 minutes 22kms
  Anglesea 45 minutes 37kms
  Aireys Inlet 55 minutes 48kms
  Lorne 1 hour 15 minutes 67kms

Queenscliff to:
  Barwon Heads 20 minutes 23kms
  Torquay 55 minutes 48kms
  Lorne 1 hour 50 minutes 84kms

Lorne to:
  Wye River 15 minutes 15kms
  Apollo Bay 1 hour 45kms
  Lavers Hill 2 hours 92kms
  12 Apostles 2 hours 20 minutes 132kms
  Port Campbell 2 hours 40 minutes 145kms
  Peterborough 2 hours 50 minutes 157kms
  Bay of Islands 2 hours 55 minutes 158kms
  Warrnambool 3 hours 50 minutes 222kms

Lorne Inland via C151 to:
  Deans Marsh 25 minutes 23kms
  Winchelsea 40 minutes 45kms
  Geelong 1 hour 15 minutes 81kms

Warrnambool to:
  Port Fairy 30 minutes 30kms
  Portland 1 hour 30 minutes 100kms
  Nelson 2 hours 30 minutes 167kms
  Mt Gambier 3 hours 205kms
  Adelaide 8 hours 655kms
  Train Melbourne to Warrnambool 3 Times Daily contact V-Line 136 196

Travel times are a guide only and may vary due to the scenic and winding nature of roads and different weather conditions. Expect travel times to be longer during main holiday periods.






















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