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Travel Times and Distances for Prom Country, South Gippsland

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Melbourne to:
  Sorrento 1 hour 30 minutes 87kms
  Cowes, Phillip Island 2 hours 144kms
  Sorrento to Phillip Island 2 hours 153kms

Phillip Island to:
  Wonthaggi 45 minutes 42kms
  Inverloch 55 minutes 56kms
  Fish Creek 1 hour 30 minutes 95kms
  Fish Creek to Tidal River 1 hour 60kms
  Foster 1 hour 45 minutes 108kms
  Foster to Tidal River 1 hour 60kms
  Wilsons Promontory 2 hours 30 minutes 170 kms
There is only one way in and out of Wilsons Promontory, from the Entrance it is approximately 30kms to Tidal River.
From Phillip Island travel via Fish Creek to the Prom.
From Lakes Entrance travel via Foster to the Prom.

Wilsons Promontory to:
  Foster 1 hour 60kms
  Welshpool 1 hour 20 minutes 82kms
  Yarram 2 hours 112kms

Yarram to:
  Port Albert 15 minutes 14kms
  Yarram to Tarra Bulga N.P. 20 minutes 20kms
  Sale 1 hour 10 minutes 72kms

Phillip Island Grand Prix Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse

Travel times are a guide only and may vary due to the scenic and winding nature of roads and different weather conditions. Expect travel times to be longer during main holiday periods.



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