Accommodation in Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island History

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Isle Of Wight - Circa 1925

Phillip Island and The Original Isle Of WightThe site of the Isle of Wight Hotel was first purchased by John Richardson of Keynton in 1869.

The next name on the title was that of Albert Purchas, an architect, to whom John Richardson transferred the land on the 20th April 1883. It is said the hotel was licensed in 1870, the license issued to one Francis Bauer. Whether Francis Bauer built the hotel is not sure, but it is assumed that the hotel was built by John Richardson.

A well known writer of those times described the hotel as a picturesque Swiss looking house with peaked gables and a verandah. The Isle of Wight hotel was totally destroyed by fire on the 23rd April 1925 with no loss of life. The hotel was rebuilt in 1927. Pictured is the hotel prior to being destroyed by fire.


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