Accommodation in Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island History

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The Bridge - Link To The Mainland

Phillip Island - The New And The Old Phillip Island's only link with the mainland is by bridge. The old Phillip Island Suspension Bridge was opened by the then Premier Mr Albert Dunstan, (the ribbon being cut by his wife) on Friday November 29th 1940. It was 1765 feet long. Width of pavement 18ft with 6 pedestrian refuges along its length.

Cost was between $50-$60,000. Its concrete successor was finished in November 1969 is 2,100 ft long with a width of pavement 28feet and 5 feet for pedestrian traffic cost was $3,250,000. Prior to 1940 the island was reached by steamer, then car ferries (could do with one today).

The Old Phillip Island Bridge - 1940 The New Phillip Island Bridge - 1969


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